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We Like Big Thermoformers. We cannot lie. Here’s why.

large part thermoforming

At Ray Products, we decided to invest in machinery that lets us create the largest thermoformed plastic pieces on the West Coast.  We didn’t make this investment for bragging rights, we did it because there are real benefits for our customers in being able to create single large thermoformed parts.

What are those benefits?

We’re so glad you asked.

Reason 1: Lower Assembly Costs

If you need a single big piece of plastic, the traditional option is to create several smaller pieces and join them together.  One downside of this approach is that joining the pieces requires both additional labor and equipment.  Two things that don’t generally come free.  With large part thermoforming, you can avoid this expense all together.

Reason 2: Cheaper Than Metal or Fiberglass

Another common alternative to large part thermoforming is to create parts from metal or fiberglass. At most common quantities, large part thermoforming is significantly cheaper than either of these options.

Reason 3: One Mold. Several Parts.

Our large part thermoforming capabilities let us offer multi-cavity tooling on an unprecedented scale.  Multi-cavity tooling is the process of creating a single tool that contains more than one part.  This gives our customers the option to combine multiple parts into a single tool for increased cost savings and decreased turnaround times.

Reason 4: Finer Detail & Improved Consistency

When compared with other common options for creating large parts like fiberglass, large part thermoforming will produce more consistent results, and finer levels of detail.

Reason 5: Nearly Endless Material, Color & Finish Options

Large part thermoforming gives you all the material, color and finish options of other thermoforming processes, on a larger scale.  This gives you the ability to have a part that comes out of the thermoforming machine much closer to your finished product than with other processes.

Reason 6: Weight Reduction

Large part thermoforming produces parts that are much lighter than other common options. Beyond the advantages this lends to the usability of the final product, this also saves on transportation rates and reduces assembly costs.

Interested in taking advantage of Ray Products’ large part thermoforming or vacuum forming plastic capabilities? We’d love to hear from you.


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