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BIOMEDevice Conference 2019

Over our 70-year history, Ray Products’ plastic thermoforming capabilities have helped to manufacture a vast array of important medical technology devices, including large-scale CT Scan, X-Ray, and MRI machines, DNA and Genome Sequencing and Lab Automation, as well as smaller, but no-less-important medical implements. It’s no surprise, then, that we’re thrilled to be attending this year’s San Jose BIOMEDevice conference.

Hosted by MD&M – the largest medical device trade show organization in the U.S. – this 2-day event features seminars, lectures, product debuts, and networking opportunities from the biggest names in the medical technology – or medtech – industry. This year’s event is sure to offer valuable insights into healthcare-oriented AI, digital health, and surgical robotics, as well as other new developments in the field.

Ray Products is attending not only to learn about burgeoning advancements in the field, but also to provide concrete manufacturing solutions to companies looking to bring their designs to the marketplace. Thermoforming and pressure forming are both great options for large and/or specialized medical equipment because they allow for high levels of detail and precision, are easily customizable, and are much less costly than injection-molding for items that won’t be distributed in mass quantities. We hope to connect with companies in the medical device industry whose products could benefit from the use of thermoformed plastic parts.

Our company has a long history of providing service to the medical technology industry. In fact, Ray Products origins stem from a medical project: our company was founded specifically to manufacture clear plastic baby bassinets for hospital nurseries – a cutting-edge product at the time. We’re delighted to continue to support our partners in the life-saving medtech field with our production capabilities and look forward to developing solutions for its newest advancements.

If you’ll be attending this year’s conference, come visit us at Booth #320 – we’ll be there to talk shop and answer any of your thermoforming, pressure forming, or plastic manufacturing questions. See you in San Jose on December 4 and 5!


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