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VIP Admission

Planning to come to a trade show that we’ll be attending? Let us know. There’s a good chance we’ll have access to discounted rates, VIP passes or even free admission.

For more information, contact:
Jason Middleton, VP of Sales and Development
(909) 390-9906 x.223

    AmCon Salt Lake City @ Salt Palace Convention Center
    Oct 2 – Oct 3 all-day

    A trade show centered on all facets of the manufacturing industry, AmCon connects product designers, engineers, manufacturing companies, material suppliers, retail brands and more together to facilitate conversations about manufacturing strategies – conversations that often lead to business opportunities. AmCon hosts several expos throughout the year in locations all over the country, and this fall, it opens its doors in Salt Lake City. As an exhibitor, Ray Products will be displaying several plastic parts to showcase the advanced technology and capabilities that are available using thermoforming and pressure forming. We’re looking forward to forging new connections at the Crossroads of the West.

    D2P Pasadena @ Pasadena Convention Center
    Oct 9 – Oct 10 all-day

    Hot off the heels of AmCon, we return to our home in Southern California for the D2P trade show. Like AmCon, D2P also hosts several gatherings each year, and we’re always excited to attend, especially when they’re essentially in our backyard. D2P stands for Design to Part, and is specifically focused on connecting product designers and engineers with manufacturers who can help turn their ideas into a reality. Whether seeking someone to prototype an idea or discussing tactical logistics of producing specialized plastic parts, the companies who find us at D2P are genuinely interested in what Ray Products can offer for their needs. We’ve met many clients at this trade show and are always excited to share our signature techniques and new developments with its receptive attendees.

    BIOMEDevice 2019 @ San Jose Convention Center
    Dec 4 – Dec 5 all-day

    The first of our medtech conferences – the BIOMEDevice expo – is smaller and more specialized than a standard industry trade show. Unlike larger trade events, which aim to facilitate the execution of concrete projects, the BIOMEDevice conference is focused primarily on exploring ideas and advancements within the medtech field. Featuring presentations, panel discussions, case studies, and demos from an array of industry leaders and innovators, the conference looks to the future, stimulating conversation and collaboration among attendees involved in the design, development, engineering, and manufacture of medical devices. It’s an exciting, inspiring environment that consistently generates new ideas. We’re thrilled to attend.

    MD&M Anaheim @ Anaheim Convention Center
    Feb 11 – Feb 13 all-day

    The first trade show of the new year is the large-scale MD&M trade show. A more traditional industry event, the expo provides a consolidated space for attendees to showcase everything from prototypes, new designs, and technological advancements to manufacturing solutions and distribution channels. Ray Products naturally falls on the manufacturing end of the spectrum, and our thermoforming and pressure forming techniques have proven incredibly helpful and cost-effective for producing a wide array of medical devices, including CT Scan, X-Ray, Imaging and MRI machines; sterile packaging; bins and trays; hospital room panels; hospital bed components; and stands and support equipment. We look forward to reconnecting with our loyal medtech clients and generating new opportunities at this exciting and dynamic show.

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