Advanced Thermoforming Solutions

Custom Plastics Manufacturing Up To 10′ By 18′ with A 40″ Depth


Interested in making something big? We’d love to help with our Large Part Thermoforming capabilities. With the largest thermoforming capabilities on the west coast and a 64 year history of making our customers happy, Ray Products is ready to help you make something big.

Six Reasons You Should Try Large Part Thermoforming With Ray Products

reason 01


When it comes to tooling costs for large parts, large part thermoforming is the clear winner. In fact, our tooling costs are generally 70%+ lower than injection molding.

reason 02


Another common alternative to large part thermoforming is to create parts from metal or fiberglass. At most common quantities, large part thermoforming is significantly cheaper than either of these options.

reason 03

Better Consistency

When compared with other common options for creating large parts like fiberglass, large part thermoforming will produce more consistent results, and finer levels of detail.

reason 04


Our large part thermoforming capabilities let us offer multi-cavity tooling on an unprecedented scale. Multi-cavity tooling is the process of creating a single tool that contains more than one part. This gives our customers the option to combine multiple parts onto a single tool for bigger cost savings and faster turnaround times.

reason 05

Higher Quality

Large part thermoforming is the only plastics manufacturing process that offers an aesthetically pleasing finish without the high cost of creating an injection molding tool. In fact, with our nearly endless material, finish and color options, you can often bypass the painting process completely.

reason 06


Large part thermoforming produces parts that are much lighter than other common options. Beyond the advantages this lends to the usability of the final product, this also saves on transportation rates and reduces assembly costs.

Ready to save money on your next custom plastics manufacturing project, and get a better result with a quicker turnaround? We’d love to hear from you.If you’re planning to make between 100 and 10,000 parts annually, thermoforming with Ray Products could be a great option for you.

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