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Survey Results: What Customers Are Looking For In A Custom Plastics Manufacturer

A few weeks ago we asked our customers and contacts in the industry a few questions about what they’re looking for in a custom plastics manufacturer. Quite a few of them were kind enough to answer our questions, and today we’re ready to share those results with you.

Quality Is The Most Important Thing

When we asked our survey takers what they look for in choosing a plastics manufacturer, their clear #1 choice was quality.

“In choosing a plastics manufacturing vendor, how important are each of the following qualities?”


Likewise, when we asked what was the major selling point of the products they were making using custom manufactured plastic parts, quality won out again.

“What is the key selling point of the products you make using custom-manufactured plastic parts?”


Our Capabilities & Equipment Match Up With What Customers Want

Knowing that quality is the most important thing customers are looking for, it’s no surprise that when we asked about Ray Products’ unique characteristics, our Quality Assurance Guarantee – a promise that we’ll get it right every time – was the characteristic our survey takers found to be the most valuable.

“In considering Ray Products as a vendor, how important are each of the following aspects of the company to you?”


Similarly, when we asked about our equipment and capabilities, it was the things that help to enable our reputation for quality that survey takers found to be the most important.

“In considering Ray Products as a vendor, how important are each of the following capabilities to you?”


Thermoforming’s Most Important Advantage Is Its Cost Savings

When asked why they might pick thermoforming over injection molding, our survey takers told us that they see the processes’ biggest advantages as the cost savings it offers at lower quantities, brought about by significantly lower tooling costs.

“How would you rank the importance of the following advantages of thermoforming when compared to injection molding?”

Thermoforming Advantages

The Takeaway

We’ve always worked to match our capabilities with what our customers are looking for. Based on what we learned from our survey, we’ll work hard to deliver even more of the quality our customers have come to expect from Ray Products.

At the same time, we know that you’re not looking for a one-trick-pony. That’s why we’ll be paying attention to all the feedback we got in our survey, looking for information we can use to be the best pressure and vacuum forming company possible.


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