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Trade Shows We Loved in 2015, & Why We Loved Them

Depending on who you ask, there are about 10,000 trade shows every year in the United States and Canada. That’s about 27 every day on this continent alone. Every single one of them offers both an opportunity, and a cost.

The opportunity is to connect with customers, both old and new, to interact with other companies in your industry and even learn a thing or two. The cost is time away from your business, and money spent on travel, booth space and more.

So, like most business owners, we carefully choose the trade shows we attend.

This year, Ray Products chose to attend five trade shows. Three of those were Design-2-Part shows in Santa Clara, Minneapolis and Pasadena, the other two were the Medical Design & Manufacturing show in Anaheim, and BIOMEDevice in San Jose.

The three Design-2-Part shows are an easy choice for us. They’re a very straightforward show that looks to match up companies who need things made, with companies that make things. We attend both to meet companies actively looking for pressure forming, and because pressure forming is such a great process, that can be so easily overlooked.

At every Design-2-Part show we’ve attended, we’ve had at least one person say something like, “I had no idea pressure forming was such a great option for this project.” That’s reason enough for us to show up and help to introduce them to our favorite process.

Which brings us to the medical shows. With so many industries that can use pressure forming, why did we choose to single out two shows focused on medical devices? Because there’s so much opportunity for pressure forming in medical device manufacturing.

Jason Middleton, our VP of Sales & Development, spelled it out in an article in Medical Design Technology earlier this year. Essentially, it comes down to the fact that pressure forming offers cost-savings, material performance and quality that’s a perfect fit for so many medical devices.

At both Medical Design & Manufacturing and BIOMEDevice, we were able to reconnect with customers who have already experienced the benefits of pressure forming medical device enclosures, and introduce medical device engineers, designers and executives to the unique advantages of pressure forming.

Right now, we’re finalizing our 2016 trade show schedule. We’re confirmed for MD&M in Anaheim this February, and there’s a good chance we’ll be at some more D2P shows, but beyond that, we’re not sure. But wherever we end up this year, we hope to see you there.


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