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Thermoforming Is Versatile

There’s a wide range of thermoforming applications in manufacturing. If you’re in an industry that makes things, there’s a good chance you use – or should be using – thermoforming to make some of those things. Ray Products is proud to serve many industries that use thermoforming to create their products.

What industries Does Ray Products serve? Take a look:


Ray Products understands the critical requirements medical device enclosures require. The components we manufacture for the medical industry are high-quality, durable, and sterile.


Thermoforming mass transit components is an excellent way to form large parts at a competitive price. From interior paneling to exterior vehicle body panels and much more, we ensure the mass transit parts we manufacture are delivered ready to use, right where our customers need them.

Alternative Energy/EV

Ray Products understands that sustainability is more important than ever. We manufacture custom plastic enclosures for alternative energy applications, from EV charging stations to solar racking for the solar energy industry.


Ray Products is your go-to manufacturer for thermoformed plastic parts for heavy equipment, including water retention systems, tractors, and other farm equipment. With the ability to create large parts up to 10 feet by 18 feet, we’re redefining what is possible in the industrial industry.

Emerging Markets

As thermoforming continues to gain popularity worldwide, we keep up with the latest trends in plastics and manufacture custom plastic parts and enclosures for emerging markets. With the ability to handle any job from start to finish, emerging markets trust Ray Products to deliver the advanced thermoforming solutions they need.

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