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Accuracy Matters

When it comes to trimming thermoformed plastics, robots do it best. That’s why Ray Products has invested in some of the most advanced 6-axis fully robotic trimmers available.

What does it mean to be obsessed with precision and quality? At Ray Products, it means using the latest equipment and automation to increase our production speed with better results.

Utilizing robots provides several benefits, including:


We take accuracy seriously. Our fully robotic trimming capabilities are a key factor in how we continue to build a reputation for exceeding industry-standard tolerances while delivering accurate, repeatable results on every part leaving our manufacturing facility.


Ray Products’ robotic trimmers don’t slow down for anything. The speed and reliability of our robotic trimming deliver more parts per hour than other trimming methods.


Have a project that requires complex trimming? Our robots can handle it. A 5-axis robotic arm, combined with a servo-controlled rotating table including integrated tool change capability, allows our robotic trimmers to handle just about everything.

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