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Ever wonder what goes on inside a thermoforming factory?  No?  Well, we’re going to show you anyway.

A while back, we were playing around with a GoPro and decided someone (even if it’s not you) might like to see the inner workings of Ray Products’ Theromoforming operations.  So, here you go.

Large Part Thermoforming


Here – a piece of plastic enters our large part thermoforming machine (capable of handling 10′ x 18′ projects, though this one is much smaller), gets heated to a pliable temperature, and is then vacuum formed against the shape its mold.

Hazel Cuts Some Holes


After cooling, the part leaves the thermoforming machine and heads in to our 4D robotic trimming bay.  The trimming process starts with our robot (we call her Hazel) cutting holes that will be used to attach mounting hardware.


This is the same shot (Hazel cutting holes), but this time seen through the magic of a GoPro stuck to our 360° rotating trimming table that allows Hazel to get her router exactly where it needs to go.

Final Trimming


Once the holes are cut, our friendly Hazelbot 3000 gets down to business, doing the final routing and trimming.

Next – the piece will leave Hazel’s domain and head over to our final finishing facilities, where it can be painted, silkscreened and have its mounting hardware attached, before being packed up to leave our factory and head back to its new owners.

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